Early Ping Kee Shoe Factory, 26 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, taken in 1951.

Mr. Ng Ping Kwong first founded Ping Kee Shoe Factory in 1947, making short boots for the Chinese martial arts practitioners. In the early 1950s due to the Korean War, many naval ships used Hong Kong as the R & R (Replenishments and Recreations) hence influx of naval personnel. Ping Kee Shoe Factory started making bespoke shoes and boots for the naval officers of British, U.S., Australian and New Zealand navies in Hong Kong. Ping Kee Shoes became one of the major suppliers of shoes and boots, serving the naval personnel ashore also on board naval vessels commissioned around the Southeast Asia.

Individual orders were taken from different persons and literally every pair of shoe and boots was made to order with traditional workmanship. Quality and comfort are the most important consideration due to the nature of naval personnel, a trustworthy pair of footwear to accommodate daily operations.

In the mid 1950s, we diversified our productions and started to manufacture shoes for professionals, such as nurses, teachers and specific uniform shoes which provide healthy and comfortable footwear for the users.

A pair of healthy and comfortable shoes must be soft, light, elastic and breathable.

A pair of healthy and comfortable shoes must be soft, light, elastic and breathable. Since then, Ping Kee Shoes have strived to improve the quality standards, combining the balance of new technologies and traditional craftsmanship, to give the user a most comfortable experience when wearing our shoes. A collaboration was made with Rogers Corporation to incorporate their PORON® material to be used for our insole which provides high level of shock absorption with resiliency, while maintain the amplitude of long-term comfort.

In the mid 1990s, we became the distributor of the renowned U.S. brands of Nurse Mates, Soft Spots and Supremes (by Soft Spots). They are one of the long-established pioneers specializes in making nurse shoes, comfortable casual and uniform shoes for professionals and workers alike. The popularity world-wide is due to the continued research for new technologies in enhancing the healthy and comfort features, and of course not forgetting the fundamental aspect of stylish designs.Nurse Mates, Soft Spots and Supremes not only provide the users with different sizes in length but also different widths which will meet with the demands of foot shape.

Apart from selecting renowned overseas brands of healthy and comfortable footwear for our customers, we are gearing our efforts in designing shoes made of top grade leather, well designed shoe lasts with applications of newly invented materials. It is primarily our aim in making healthy and comfortable shoes for all working professionals and personnel in the catering, hotel, retail, airways, teachers and public services sectors.

The conscious need of a healthy and comfortable shoes among young and old are growing immensely, for working and leisure alike. We have been in the market for 69 years already and we are committed to serve the market better for many years to come.

Ng Ho Ming,
Managing Director of Ping Kee Shoe Factory Ltd.

Mr. Ng Ping Kwong and Mrs Ho Kit Bing,
founders of Ping Kee Shoe Factory taken 1981.
Early Ping Kee Shoe Factory, 26 Henessy Road, Wan Chai, taken in 1951.

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